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Camilla Correani: Editor-in-chief

Campbell Salgado
Editor-in-chief Camilla Correani joined the Cardinal Times at the start of her sophomore year. Next year, she will be pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

2023-24 The Cardinal Times editor-in-chief Camilla Correani is regarded as a compassionate and empathetic individual, both as an editor and an individual. 

Design editor Isabella Hartman recognizes how Correani has used her kind and dedicated manner to lead the paper throughout the year. 

“As editor in chief, she has done a really good job at leading the staff both with compassion and kindness but also with the goal of putting out the best paper possible and providing the right information to people in the community,” Hartman said. “She leads with such grace and with such passion for what she does.”

The Cardinal Times adviser Mary Rechner agrees, and feels that Correani’s leadership style reflects her upbeat attitude.

“She has a great leadership style. It’s is a laid back leadership style but it’s very community[-oriented],” Rechner said. “I think she brings a sense of fun and creativity to the class and she sees people’s strengths. She’s really positive and I think that ripples out through the rest of our staff.”

Correani joined The Cardinal Times as a sophomore. As a junior, she became the arts & culture editor, and in her final year on the paper, she took on the role of editor-in-chief. Over the past three years, Correani has specialized in covering the arts at Lincoln. Her works span from profiles on theater teachers to covering PopCycles, Jazz band, Dance Team and Vivace A Cappella. However, her favorite article was a two-part piece about Barbies (Part OnePart Two). 

“The first [article] was about body image and the second one was about the different skin colors that they create for Barbie dolls,” Correani said. “I remember really loving going into that because it was the first piece that I wrote that I really loved being able to take a more investigative journey with.”

When writing about an issue or event, Correani works to ensure that she covers it with empathy and understanding to all the people involved.

“I think the most important part [of news-writing] is being empathetic to people,” Correani said. “One of the reasons why I always loved being on the newspaper and being a journalist is that you get to hear and be a part of so many different stories, ideas and perspectives. […] I think that journalism really allows us to do that”

In addition to writing empathetic stories, Rechner feels as though Correani put time and dedication into writing her own articles and making sure all the aspects of an article are ready for publication. 

“Camilla was always a really versatile writer who took on new challenges as a reporter almost with each issue,” Rechner said. “What I notice about her as an editor is the care that she puts into making sure work is ready before it gets published.”

Next fall, Correani will continue to display her commitment and positivity to her work, albeit in a different field. She will be pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

“My goal [for next year] is to be open to meeting a lot of new people because I’m really excited to make these new connections with people from all over the world,” Correani said.

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Coral Platt, Managing Digital Editor
Coral Platt is a junior this year. She is excited to see how the paper and staff progress throughout the year and how they can further reflect the voices of the student body. She enjoys writing news pieces and op-eds. Contact by emailing [email protected] and put the reporter's name in the subject line.

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