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Lincoln sophomore expresses her thoughts on how class ranks are outdated and need to be abolished.
Op Ed: It is time to get rid of class rankings
Abby Yium April 13, 2021

We are not numbers. And yet, every student at Lincoln High School has one.  Students across the country are given a number, known as a class rank,...

Students at Lincoln talk about their thoughts and opinions on what happened to GameStop.
What happened to GameStop?
Owen Adams April 13, 2021

 The stock market became a point of fascination this winter when strangers from Reddit banded together to artificially inflate GameStop’s stock when...

The word America encompasses more than just the United States although it has been popularized.
Todos somos Americanos (We Are All American)
Lucia Aballay and Translated by Tapley Sorenson April 11, 2021

Translation available below Los estadounidenses tienen fama de sentirse el centro de la tierra, algo que es evidente en ciertos términos populares....

Review: New additions to Portland Trail Blazers
Cole Tomlinson April 10, 2021

The window for the Portland Trail Blazers championship is closing. Damian Lillard has limited years left in his prime, and the team’s other stars aren’t...