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Profile: Lola Kovel
Bella Lehman • November 17, 2020

The stress and excitement of switching from middle to high school is something that many people experience. Fortunately, many of them have their middle...

Profile: Marie Markham
Keira Saavedra • November 17, 2020

Most young female athletes face the challenge of how to excel in their sport as their body transitions through puberty. According to the Women's Sports...

Profile: Isabella Lo
Issac Coltman • November 17, 2020

In the Cardinal Times, everyone heavily relies on interviews. Journalists are not experts in everything, but when it comes to finding the right people...

Sophomore Maya Hendrickson stood in their bedroom on election night, taking a break from staring at a screen while waiting expectantly for results. “This election has brought about extreme emotions for me” Hendrickson reflected, “I find it hard to believe the amount of votes pouring in for Donald Trump. How can you vote for a president who continuously undermines POC, the LGBTQ+ community, and anybody who disagrees with him? As a nonbinary person, I’m scared my rights will be taken away. I was more hopeful waking up in the morning, and hope that some states will turn blue.”
Reactions and responses to the 2020 election
November 9, 2020

Lincoln students collectively felt the election anxiety that many people in the United states felt. Many students shared with the Cardinal Times how they...