Jazz band fills Lincoln halls with music


Camilla Correani

Jazz band combo one plays every Tuesday in the commons. Welcoming students in the morning, the jazz combos bring their music to life.

Camilla Correani

Lincoln’s jazz band is always finding new ways to bring music to the building. In the early mornings, students are greeted with a live performance. 

Senior Leif Olsen is in his third year with jazz band and has enjoyed playing music in the commons in the morning before school starts. 

“It keeps us motivated to learn songs and have things to perform,” said Olsen. 

Through performing, Olsen is able to express himself while being imaginative. 

“Jazz is really creative because it’s a lot of improvisation,” said Olsen. “It’s so fun because it’s an outlet for expression.” 

After hearing Lincoln’s jazz band, he was determined to join. 

“It was always my dream class,” said Olsen. “Freshman year, when I would hear the jazz band play, […] it just seemed like so much fun.”

In previous years, jazz band had different performance opportunities outside of school. 

“There’s a jazz club in town called The 1905,” said Olsen. “In the spring, each of the three combos played a night.”

Junior Hildi Harrington joined jazz band during her sophomore year. Her combo performed at The 1905 twice, and she hopes to repeat the experience.

“It gives you a taste of what it would be like to play professionally,” said Harrington. 

Jazz band not only offers performance opportunities, but the chance to work with other musicians. This year is junior Chase Kochis’ first year in jazz band. He has quickly expanded his knowledge of jazz performance by learning from other musicians. 

“A lot of time, there are guests, people that come in from Portland State [University] and teach us some things,” said Kochis. 

During class, the jazz band splits up into their respective combos and rehearses the pieces they’re planning on performing. They’ve already performed at a number of school events. 

“There’s a lot of events that the school wants us to perform at; the Grand Opening, Back to School Night. And we just like preparing for those things,” said Kochis. 

For some of these students, jazz band has changed the way they view music. 

“I’ve been playing since third grade but normally I play more classical,” said Harrington. “I’ve learned a lot [about jazz] and definitely changed since last year.”