Lincoln drama welcomes a new theater director


Mary Carney

The new dressing rooms are filled with props as the program awaits the opportunity to perform. Tracie Talerico, new theater director, is looking forward to using them soon.

This year, the theater department at Lincoln has had to face a difficult change. Jim Peerenboom stepped down from his position as Lincoln’s theater director after 27 years of teaching. This caused the program to scramble to uphold their favorite traditions and the love Peerenboom brought to the department. His previous students still see him around the building as he works part time as a Freshman Leadership and Inquiry (FLI) teacher. 

New theater director Tracie Talerico has been working hard to make this year run as smoothly as possible. 

“I want to honor all the hard work that Mr. Peerenboom did in creating such a fabulous theater department,” said Talerico. “I want to do my best to continue the wonderful traditions that were already set.”

Talerico spent many years working as a theater director for a high school in South Florida. This experience has taught her many things, including the importance of being able to call a theater your own.

“When I was a theater director in South Florida, the school where I was at didn’t have their own theater,” said Talerico. “I’ve never had a theater where it felt like home.”

Instead of having their own theater back in South Florida, Talerico and the department had to rent out spaces near the high school. The comfort of having her own theater is a dream come true.

Senior Allison Khalil, co-president of the drama cabinet, has been participating in theater at Lincoln for her entire high school career. No matter the hardships of this year, the drama cabinet is optimistic for the year to come. 

“This year there is a sense of excitement in the cabinet,” said Khalil. “Everyone is super on it because we’re all super passionate about the school year, more so than the past.”

Junior Mathilda Schmidt is looking forward to the new things she’ll be able to learn from Talerico.

“I’ll always love Mr. Peerenboom but I think it’s super important to get different perspectives in the drama lifestyle,” said Schmidt. 

Talerico is excited for a year full of new students. She can’t wait to guide them in their theater journey. 

“I believe that everybody and anybody can find a place in theater, whether they want to be onstage or backstage,” said Talerico. “I want to welcome any student who is interested in trying theater before graduating to come out and give it a shot.”