Review: Magic Mike’s Last Dance


Isabel Bruce

At Laurelhurst theater, reporters Isabel Bruce and May Cole saw the 6:45 screening of Mike’s Last Dance on February 14th.

Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum, premiered globally in 2012. In 2015, its sequel, Magic Mike XXL, switched up the tempo. Compared to the original, this movie was no longer a drama depicting the lives of male strippers but rather a reunion comedy. The movie is filled with a star studded cast with names like Joe Manganiello and Donald Glover as well as a phenomenal score. 

The 8 years since the premiere of MMXXL has been difficult, but Steven Soderbergh has finally blessed us with the return of Magic Mike. In Magic Mike’s Last Dance, we see Tatum returning for his 3rd installation in his role of Mike Lane known as Magic Mike as this world class male entertainer takes the stage for the last time. 

Magic Mike has reinvented himself once again. This time we are introduced to strong female lead Max (Salma Hayek), shifting the focus from the male perspective to a feminist lens. In a world where women must choose, Max wants women to understand they can have it all. 

Together Mike and Max venture to create a theater production that openly draws a focus to women’s sexual liberation. In a key scene, Max enters the theater she owns and states, “I want every woman to walk into this theater to feel that a woman can have whatever she wants whenever she wants, that same ecstasy.”

Interwoven throughout the spectacular dance moves, women can find inspiration in Max’s break away from her oppressive marriage. She rediscovers herself, breaking down social barriers and finding her identity as a woman in a position of power. 

Despite the new feminist perspective, the heart stopping dance moves remain to wow audiences. The creative new choreography utilizes new environments and spaces in London.  

The soundtrack, with songs such as ¨Permission¨ by Ro James and  the classic ¨Pony¨ by Ginuwine, deeply enhanced the experience of the viewer.

All in all, Magic Mike’s Last Dance did not disappoint. While it may not compare to the cinematic masterpiece that is Magic Mike XXL, it still brought joy into our hearts and refreshed our palettes. Much love to Magic Mike.