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Views of the Lionshead fire, started by lightning, which covers all of the Mt. Jefferson wilderness area and Camp Sherman. Cardinal Times staff member Hadley Steele camped near the fire and was forced to evacuate.

Sights from the fires

September 10, 2020

Education “achievement gap” expected to grow due to COVID

Devyn McMillen

June 3, 2020

Education experts anticipate that the achievement gap will widen due to the COVID-19 pandemic; causing students to participate in online school rather than in-person classes. The achievement gap is defined as disparities in test scores and...

“Portland Summer Fridays” plan draws praise from teachers, criticism nationally

Gabby Shaffer

June 1, 2020

Portland Public School (PPS) staff have been furloughed on Fridays, from now until the end of July. This partial furlough means that PPS staff will not be paid and prohibited from working on Fridays, but will still work the other f...