Looking forward to life after COVID


Holden Kilbane

The Coronavirus has taken over our lives for nearly a year now, so students reflect on the things they are hopeful to do again soon.

From buffets to handshakes, COVID-19 has taken away so many aspects of the life we all considered normal just 12 months ago. As vaccines start rolling out to the public and the conclusion of the pandemic possibly seems within reach, it is hard not to look forward to getting back some of the things we lost. Members of the Lincoln community are joining in the anticipation of a return to the things we love.

For Sophomore Aarav Shah, he will be looking forward to reuniting with his family across seas. 

“I really want to be able to go to India,” said Shah. “Almost all of my family lives in one city there.”

With that family over 6,000 miles away, it has been tough to maintain his relationships for the duration of COVID-19. 

“I feel like I’m losing my bond with them, and I can’t wait to recreate that connection when I finally get to see them,” said Shah. 

Shah is not the only one patiently awaiting the opportunity to see family when the pandemic allows it. Travel restrictions and quarantine policies have restricted family visits in millions of households. Many are looking forward to seeing family members that they have missed for so long when it is safe to do so. Sophomore Trevor Dix is one of those people.

“My family used to come up from [Corvallis] for Thanksgiving and Christmas and not having them there has been hard,” said Dix. “Hopefully we can go down and see them more soon.”

Dix is also excited to do more simple things when the pandemic is under control. 

“It sounds [basic], but just walking downtown with a group of friends is something I am looking forward to,” said Dix.

For Dix, visiting local businesses and establishments is something he can’t wait to do. Similar to Dix, English teacher Barbara Brown can’t wait to go and visit some of her favorite stores.

“[I am looking forward] to going to thrift stores again!” said Brown. “I used to go with my daughters, or my friends, or myself.”

Thrifting for Brown was a constant in her pre-COVID life, and now it is missing from her daily routine.

“I am a long time thrifter and I miss it so much,” said Brown.

Like thrifting for Brown, many people have realized the vast number of small things that we used to take for granted. Things that we may have previously regarded as a given in our lives may be appreciated much more when we return to them. The simple actions of hugging a friend or grabbing a bag of chips at Westside now seem like distant but warm memories. When we return to some normalcy, these seemingly tiny things may seem a lot more special. 

For junior Morgan Aldersea, her MAX rides to school provided her with relaxation she didn’t know she needed.

“It was my time to destress and plan my day while listening to my music, bopping my head,” said Aldersea. “That time is something I can’t wait to have again.”

Aldersea is also looking forward to attending school sporting events again. As a photographer for the Lincoln Yearbook, Aldersea misses taking photos and being a part of the atmosphere as the school came together as a community during these events.

“Not having those events right now is really awful, because I don’t get to make as many cool memories and capture them,” said Aldersea. 

Getting together as a community and feeling each other’s presence is something almost all members of the Lincoln community can’t wait to return to. 

“I really miss the energy of the school and the classes,” said Brown.

There are certain things that online school can never have, and that true classroom and community feeling simply cannot be simulated online. 

“I truly am looking forward to getting back to a group of people in a classroom, challenging each other, making each other laugh, making each other think,” Brown said.

From big to small, there are an endless amount of things that Lincoln students and staff are looking forward to once COVID-19 allows for them to happen. These desires and hopes can help keep up a positive attitude during straining times. No one knows where this pandemic will take us, but the Lincoln community is ready to return to normalcy.