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Graduation Trivia

As seniors leave Lincoln, facts you may not know about them after four years of school together.

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Savannah Bowerfind says, “one time I high-fived a shark.”

Landon Jantz says he “knows 5 languages, including sign language.”

Lea Kapur drinks three chocolate milks a day.

Lia Voigt finished her U.S. history course in four days online.

When Will Duffy was younger, he wanted to be a priest.

Maddy Kennedy was born on leap day, February 29, so she is technically only four years old.

Stella Wiswall has been to 17 countries, and her favorites are Sweden and Scandinavian countries.

Katie Swigart says she “only eats popcorn with a spoon.”

Lina Rak can hold a wall sit for 25 minutes.

Jack Anderson makes his own Kombucha.

Elaine Yang used to own a scorpion.

Jared Knofczynski has webbed toes.

Greta Hennessey can lick her own elbow.

Nico Steezy is a professional skooterer.

Amahn Enayati is a dual citizen with New Zealand.

Chris Pham says he can speak a “dead” language: Cantonese.

Gabe Litchfield accidently pulled the fire alarm in 5th grade by leaning on it while standing in the lunch line.

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