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Field is often forgotten: A spotlight on Lincoln’s Throwers and Jumpers

Sarah Harrington
Junior Malika Brotherson competes in shot put at McDaniel High School.

In the world of track and field, the spotlight often shines on sprinters dashing across the finish line or distance runners who push their stamina, but it’s time to shift the spotlight to those who throw and jump.

Junior Malika Brotherson participates in shot put, javelin, and discus and finds inspiration from the history and origin of the sport.

“I really like discus because it reminds me of the Greek stories and that made me want to try it,” Brotherson said.

Sophomore Isabella Mercado has been doing track and field for three years and loves having the option to try a variety of events.

“I started going to a couple of jumps, pole vault and throw practices to see what looked fun. I ended up really liking them, especially the long and triple jump, and [I] still do them,” Mercado said.

The training for these events also differs from running events. Most field events require forms of strength training as well as countless hours spent with the apparatus. This allows the athletes to train in a way that is very similar to how they would perform in a competition.

This difference in training, as well as the small number of athletes who perform in these events, also fosters great connections.

“I think it’s a really tight-knit community because there’s not that many of us, maybe about 20 or so,” said Brotherson.

Both Mercado and Brotherson feel that although there are smaller numbers of people competing in these events, they deserve more coverage.

“There’s a disproportionate amount of track versus field athletes, and I think generally running events are featured a lot more,” said Mercado.

“I don’t think [these events] get enough recognition. I feel like they are always secondary,” Brotherson agrees. “You don’t get a lot of recognition.”

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