Fashion for the Cards


We sit down with senior Kendra Witherspoon to discuss her acceptance into the Fashion Institute of of Design and Merchandise, located in Los Angeles.

CT: What got you into fashion?

Kendra: It’s always been something I’ve been interested in. I like the way that people express themselves through clothing. Growing up I was always interested in fashion and how it reflected people’s personalities.

CT: Do you have a fashion role model?

Kendra: Tim Gunn, definitely, although he isn’t a designer.

CT: Why did you choose apply to fashion school?

Kendra: I want to go to fashion school to be able to have the best knowledge of what my profession will include. I specifically chose FIDM because of the location, internship opportunities, and the curriculum is very detailed. I think it will be cool to go to a school where everyone liked the same thing.

CT: How do you get accepted into fashion school?

Kendra: For my major, merchandise marketing, we had to make a store. Inside the store you would make six outfits that your customer would wear, the customer archetype, and other details like that. So I made my entrance project and wrote my essays, and my interviewer liked my project.

CT: How long will you be attending fashion school?

For four years

CT: When do you leave for fashion school?

Kendra: I move in on July 3.

CT: Where will you be living in LA? And with who?

Kendra: Downtown on grand street and with three other people (who) I don’t know.

CT: How have people reacted to you going to fashion school?

Kendra: They think it’s really cool.

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