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The closing of two Little Big Burger locations and its effect on Lincoln students

With both of these locations being within walking distance from Lincoln, it became a popular place to go to after school. Students at Lincoln who live close to either of these locations were asked about how the absence of Little Big Burger has been for them.

The interviewees were first asked what their go to order was.

“Two hamburgers, no onion and no pickle, a root beer float and occasionally some truffle fries,” said junior Wylly Fields, who is a big fan of Little Big Burger. Fields went to Little Big Burger multiple times a week in his prime.

Charlie McCalla, another junior at Lincoln, also used to go very often to Little Big Burger.

“It depends, if I would just go after school and just get a quick snack I would just get some fries because it’s cheap,” McCalla said. “But if I was getting a full meal with friends I would just get a burger and fries.”

He normally went about once every week and a half, which is similar to other junior Aidan Schwartz. 

“During the summer I would go once or twice a week,” said Schwartz, and his go to order: “Normally just some fries and a water cup that I filled up with soda.”

They expressed how they felt when discovering the closure of Little Big Burger’s two locations.

“I remember I was very devastated,” said Fields.

Schwartz said he was surprised and “disappointed because it was an iconic hangout spot.”

“I was definitely disappointed because I knew these locations were the closest to me and the other ones were all super far,” said McCalla. “At the time, it was also one of my favorite restaurants.”

This closure has been heartbreaking for several students at Lincoln due to Little Big Burger’s vicinity and other factors.

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