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Profile: Matthew Baba – One of Lincoln’s artistic pioneers

Matthew Baba
A piece of art done by Matthew Baba.

Senior Matthew Baba is known for among many things his humor, personality and his art, specifically stylized realism.

“My biggest interest besides art would be listening to music and watching video essays. I like reading comics and books every now and then,” said Baba.

He spoke on the beginnings of his artistic journey, and about his journey moving from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Nigeria, and then to Portland.

“At first I didn’t like art, I only liked making up stories and I would have my cousin draw them out for me. When I moved away I suddenly gained the urge to draw. So I’ve been drawing ever since,” said Baba.

When asked about his plans after Lincoln, he spoke on some of his dreams.

“I plan to study studio art when I go to college and continue making art. I want to make a graphic novel or comic when I get out of highschool,” said Baba.

Baba’s friend, junior Jacob Ali Deshaw, spoke on the beginnings of his friendship with Baba

I saw him around school and he seemed to be involved with a lot of cool activities and people. I also saw his art and was astounded right off the bat, I thought that it was super sweet,” said Deshaw.

Deshaw said one of his favorite things about Baba is the creativity of his art. 

“He’s incredibly creative and talented. He’s never made a piece that hasn’t intrigued me. Also Baba’s mini comics are dope, [I] always love the ideas behind them,” said Deshaw.

Deshaw also spoke of Baba’s kindness.

“After getting to know him for a while I can say he is a very gentle and polite soul. One of the nicest and most chill people I know at Lincoln 100%,” Deshaw said.

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