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Presidential Election 2024 Candidates

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The current presidential candidates are in a race for success.

This fall, the 2024 presidential election is happening. Since 2020, when current President Joe Biden was elected over former President Donald Trump, tensions have been high between Republicans and Democrats.

The thought of having the responsibility to vote may weigh on some Lincoln seniors.

Senior Samuel Hall is one of many seniors who will be voting this coming Election.

”I am really excited about the election, but it’s also a huge responsibility because I know that elections can really come down to the last vote,” said Hall.

Despite the stress and responsibility that comes with voting, some students also describe their excitement and mixed emotions with voting for the very first time. Senior Landon Trent explains his perspective.

“I feel great about voting in this next election. I have been looking forward to it but at the same time, I also am a little worried about finding a candidate that I think will do the right thing.” said Trent.

In order to give seniors a better understanding of the candidates in this upcoming election, we have given a brief description of all those still running below.

Former president Donald Trump and Incumbent Presidential candidate Joe Biden are currently leading in the primaries, and will be the main candidates in this race. They will likely be running against each other again. According to 270ToWin, the National 2024 Presidential Election polls currently show Trump at 45.17%, Biden at 43.17% and Other candidates at 12% to win the presidency . The stakes are high with pressing global issues like climate change becoming more serious every day.

Three third party candidates have also entered the race: Jill Stein, a physician and environmental activist, Cornel West, a progressive author and activist, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental lawyer, author, and the nephew of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy is in the independent party. Stein and West are members of The Green Party.

 Representing the Republicans are Donald Trump, the former President who was previously an entrepreneur, and Nikki Haley a former UN ambassador. The pressure is on Nikki Haley to drop out to unify the Republican Party by her party under the former President (2016-2020).

Dean Phillips, a congressman and former CEO from Minnesota, is also running as a democratic nominee against current President Joe Biden.


We want to emphasize that it is okay to feel poorly and negatively about this election, and that you are not alone. Some students like senior Tristin Fox have a negative attitude about the upcoming election.

“It is one of the worst elections I have ever seen, because there are no young candidates that I feel represent my morals and values,” said Fox.

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