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Introducing Lincoln’s non-athletic competitive teams – Part 2

Constitution Team

Lincoln’s Constitution Team spends the year studying constitutional law, before participating in regional, state, and, if they advance, national competitions. On Feb. 3, 2024, the team won the state competition.
Courtesy of Helen Colletti

Constitution Team focuses on competitions based around interpreting the Constitution of the United States. Within the team, there are six units, and each focuses on different aspects of the Constitution. Each unit is given questions by judges which they research, present and respond to. This prepares the students to advance to nationals and win the competitions.

Junior Helen Colletti said she’s gained different benefits through her experience on the Constitution Team.

I enjoyed Constitution Team because I was able to find a really great community of people with similar interests to mine.” said Colletti

Colletti said being on Constitution Team offers new opportunities.

“Having support from coaches and teachers provided a handful of opportunities like scholarships and clubs like mission citizen,” said Colletti. “Some members even got internships with their coaches’ companies during summer.”

Their competitions look like: 

Students attempt to advance through regionals and state, and then compete in nationals. Within each competition, the units respond to their prepared question and then answer follow up questions from judges. Each unit is individually scored and then the team’s total score is ranked among other schools.


Lincoln’s Chamber Choir performs in the Lincoln theater. Lincoln’s choirs spends the year preparing various skills before performing them in showcases and competitions.
Courtesy of Beckett Gough

Lincoln’s choir offers students opportunities to learn skills such as sight reading, and allows them to participate in musical showcases which can help expand their musical ability.

Choir Co-President senior Beckett Gough says that choir has taught him a lot about music.

“Choir has presented so many opportunities to me but the most important thing is the development of my musicality,” said Gough. “[It] taught me that singing is a lot more than just belting out some notes; it’s community and an art. “

Their competitions look like:

Students perform in front of a board of selected singers. The performances are timed and if students receive a state qualifying score, they are able to go to the state competition.

Ethics Bowl

Ethics Bowl is a club where students debate the moral and ethical implications of different situations. Students work together and present their cases, thoughts and opinions to judges. 

Junior Gauri Bhingarde says that the club is more about fostering a conversation about issues rather than forming a competitive environment.

“A lot of the cases are about subjects we already talk about and are interested in, so talking with a friend is basically all of the homework and stuff we need to do,” said Bhingarde.

Their competitions look like:

Students are given a randomly selected case chosen from a pool of around 10. students present their thoughts about the situation, and the opposing team and judges are given a time slot to ask questions on the subject. Although there are teams, the main goal of the competition is to foster a conversation about the issues.

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