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American fall fashion from exchange students perspectives

Matilde Flores Liberona
Exchange students and their American friends at the 2023-2024 homecoming dance.

As the autumn leaves begin to paint the landscape with warm tones, the fashion world is transformed with the season. At Lincoln the unique styles of American fall fashion mingles and sometimes clashes with the style of exchange students who put their global influences in the foreground.

European exchange students often bring with them a different fashion sensibility than American students. Simplicity and attention to detail are key elements of the European style. In contrast, American fashion trends often focus on comfort, and casual and relaxed clothing.

“I see more tradition, more reverence and more formality in Europe. More glamor and wealth,” said Stacey Bendet, an American fashion designer who is the founder, chief executive officer and creative director of alice+olivia clothing brand.

Some European exchange students are disappointed about how the American students dress, saying that they don’t have style and that they are more “chill ” in the way they dress.

“Students come in their pajamas,” said Lucille Six, a senior and an exchange student from France, about how Americans tend to opt for comfortable clothes

When it comes to colors, Europeans often lean toward more muted, neutral tones, while Americans embrace more vibrant colors and bold prints. This creates an interesting juxtaposition on the halls, as earthy hues and pastels compete with bold reds, yellows and blues.

“I like it. People will dress and wear clothes from all different eras,” said junior Quinn Brown.

Ultimately, the fusion of these two fashion perspectives is enriching the fall fashion scene in and around Lincoln. European exchange students are inspiring locals to experiment with new styles and vice versa. The halls of Lincoln are filled with a diversity of fall trends, becoming a fashion melting pot that celebrates creativity and individuality.

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