Seniors are so done they’re not even finishing their senten…


Addison Locke

Seniors have suddenly vanished, leading to empty classes.

With the end of the school year approaching, seniors are vanishing, nowhere to be found. A common term for this abrupt absence is senioritis. Senioritis can be defined as a major avoidance of school for the senior class. Despite the end being near and a lighter workload, seniors don’t seem to be at school due to lack of motivation and/or reason to be physically present in school.  Luckily, there were a couple seniors left for me to interview! 

Scarlet Spencer, a senior at Lincoln, doesn’t enjoy coming to school because of the ghost town her classes have become. 

It’s kind of pointless. All the stuff is on Canvas and I get work done better when I’m not in class. The environment just sucks because it’s so dead and no one is there anyway. It’s a lucky day if three quarters of the class is there,” said Spencer. “I got a merit scholarship that I have to maintain my grades for, but I don’t have to go to class to do that. With IB testing, it’s all study halls and there is no point.”

Senior Jake Voss understands why senioritis is so common. 

At this point, everyone is in their school and knows where they are going. After decision day, nobody feels the need to go to class anymore or try that hard. Unless you have a scholarship. Then you have to get good grades to keep it,” said Voss. 

Voss is also down with a bad case of senioritis. 

“I probably miss three or four classes a week. I think I miss one class every other day,” he said

However, for Spencer, there is still studying happening when class is in session. 

“I’ll go out and do work. It’s dumb because I will be doing the work for the same class that I’m supposed to be in. If I was in class, I wouldn’t be doing the work. Not being there is the fun part,” said Spencer.