Exchange students reflect on their time spent in America


Sophia Halpern

Junior exchange students Elena Schneider and Maria Cowlishaw enjoy Coco Donuts coffee while exploring the city.

This year, Lincoln families hosted eight students from four different countries: Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. While these students come from different places, different cultures and speak different languages, they all agree on what they want from their stay: lasting memories and a fun time.

Maria Cowlishaw is a junior from Madrid, Spain. She was on the varsity basketball team, and is currently running short distances and hurdles for track and field. 

“I have really enjoyed my time in America. A highlight was definitely meeting my American friends and friends from other countries,” she said. “They are connections that I think will last me my whole life.”

Anouk Rohweiler is also a junior, and from Hamburg, Germany. She has had the opportunity to enroll in different classes at Lincoln. “I have really enjoyed my construction class. We just made candle holders, and right now I am designing a chair. It’s really fun and not like classes from Germany,” she said.

Rohweiler and Cowlishaw both stressed how much they will miss their host families, new friends, the overall American culture and the memories they have made in America. 

Elena Scheider is a junior from Switzerland, and for her, this year abroad has been a well-needed break from her more rigorous school life in Switzerland. 

“School here is so much easier and fun. I can take cool classes, like product design, graphic arts and construction,” she said. “One thing I am not looking forward to is resuming my Swiss school life.”

Everyone mentioned American school spirit at sports games, football games especially, as one thing that lived up to expectations. Cowlishaw enjoyed the football season.

“I loved going to the football games last season; the flock leaders and all the school chants were so fun,” said Cowlishaw.

All of them also mentioned prom as something they looked forward to before their year abroad.

“[Prom is] the one thing you think about so much, and finally getting to go and take pictures was so fun and definitely lived up to the hype,” said Rohweiler.