Do Lush face masks taste as good as they look and smell?


Hazel Thomas

Juniors Hazel Thomas and May Cole wear Lush face masks.

Disclaimer: This review is for entertainment purposes only and is not suggesting that you eat face masks. Doing so can result in harm.

Have you ever been in the middle of a spa day and suddenly had the urge to take a bite of your delicious smelling Lush face mask? We have. The face masks are all made with fresh ingredients, most of which are edible. The face masks are soft, colorful and look a bit like frosting. But do the face masks taste as good as they look and smell? We taste-tested them so that you don’t have to.

For our process, we took small nibbles of the masks, taking the time to process the complex flavors before finally spitting the products out. We started with what we felt was the most obvious choice: “Glen Cocoa.” Made with cocoa powder and almond butter, this face mask was rich and cake-like. It tasted like something I would want to add to my morning oatmeal. If nutella was made with almonds Instead of hazelnuts, it would taste like the “Glen Cocoa” face mask.

The next one we tried was the “Mask of Magnaminty.” This one is made with honey and aduki beans. It also has peppermint oil, which gives it a refreshing feel on the skin and taste in the mouth. The minty tones are bold and pronounced, which makes it a bit overwhelming, but surprisingly tasty.

“Cosmetic Warrior” is made with a variety of interesting ingredients, including honey, grapes, yogurt and tofu. However, the most prominent flavors were garlic and tea tree oil, which unfortunately doesn’t make for a very good taste. The smell of tea tree was appealing, but after one taste our gag reflexes were immediately triggered by the nasty garlic aftertaste. On top of this, the mask had a chalky and clumpy texture.

Going out with a bang, we tried the “Cup O’ Coffee.” This mask is made with agave syrup, cocoa extract and ground coffee. It was syrupy with a lingering aroma, kind of resembling a mocha. The flavor was delicious, but the texture was awful. It had far too many grains and tasted like getting to the bottom of a poorly made latte because the barista forgot to tap the espresso.

Overall, we recommend keeping Lush face masks on your face rather than in your mouth. If you’re looking for more edible Lush items, we recommend the actual edible lip scrubs. These are essentially flavored sugar and the directions specify that you can lick them off your lips. Keep the face masks on your face and give the lip scrubs a try!