Movie Review: “Creep”

The movie “Creep” was directed by Patrick Brice and released in June of 2015.

Courtesy of IMDB

The movie “Creep” was directed by Patrick Brice and released in June of 2015.

This year I have fallen in love with the world of horror movies. The appeal is the suspense, excitement and the shaking feeling that you will never forget what you have just watched. I stumbled upon “Creep” the Saturday before Halloween in desperate need for a thrill. The simplicity of the trailer intrigued me and made me think the entire plot was exposed. There were only two characters on screen. What could I possibly not know about the storyline that would surprise me?

The movie begins with the main character, Aaron (Patrick Brice), as he drives up an eerie road to a remote house in Crestline, California. He’s a videographer and his goal is to film a stranger for a day. The man being filmed is Josef (Mark Duplass) who wants to create a video diary for his unborn child because he is dying of a terminal illness. The plot is simple and straightforward, but the movie is the opposite of predictable.

The entire movie is shot through the perspective of Aaron’s camera, which creates an eerie point of view and left me on the edge of my seat, wanting to know what happens next. This is similar to the “Blair Witch Project” (1999) which was shot for a school assignment with an actor behind the camera. They are both considered found footage which makes the films more realistic and intriguing because it plays with your mind psychologically. The speed of this movie wasn’t rushed nor slow burning but perfectly paced with thoughtfully placed intervals of jumpscares.

It’s intriguing to watch the connection build between Josef and Aaron because Josef thinks of Aaron as a son. Contradictory, Aaron is just spending time with Josef for the paycheck. I thoroughly enjoyed Mark Duplass in the role of Josef because of his abilities to captivate the audience through mannerisms and his intense stares into the camera. A certain personality was needed for this role and he went above and beyond. Patrick Brice isn’t on screen as often because of his character’s position behind the camera. Nonetheless, his acting was convincing and engaging.

Furthermore, most horror movies depend on a soundtrack to intensify the suspense of a jumpscare… But “Creep” had no background music besides catchy songs by Sonny and the Sunsets and a fragment of rock by Big Business used to be a part of the environment. The lack of background music highlights the acting and creates a creepier ambience which was essential for this film. It’s important to note that the movie briefly mentions incest and rape so keep that in mind if you are considering watching this film.

“Creep” will always be a favorite horror movie of mine. The running time of 77 minutes will be spent viewing incredible cinematography and acting so there is no excuse not to watch this masterpiece of a film.