Weight Training Club provides a judgement free space

Lincoln students Lauren Fin and Chloe Gilmore recently started the Weight Training Club, a group that meets Wednesdays and Fridays to give people the chance to work out in Lincoln’s weight training facility. 

According to Fin, the goal of the club is to create a “beginner-friendly, judgment-free, and body-neutral space,” and a place “to get jacked.”

The club started with the idea of creating a space for non-men to be able to exercise. 

“Our idea was to create a safe space for people who maybe felt excluded before in weight training or sports spaces in general,” said Gilmore. “That could mean people who don’t have access to a gym or people who don’t identify as a woman or are transgender or non-binary.”

However, the club’s founding idea to create a safe space doesn’t limit who can join. Fin and Gilmore have made it clear that no matter your gender or how you identify, you are welcome in the club.

“It was originally just non-men, but we changed it for anyone who wants to come because we have the space.” Gilmore explains.

As the Weight Training Club finds its footing, it’s looking to expand.

“We’re gonna do big, schoolwide events,” said Fin. 

The club already had an event during the mental health fair where people could come to lift weights or hit PRs. In the future, the club wants to do fundraising events to support women’s athletics too.

The Weight Training Club has become a positive community for members to participate in.

“My favorite part [about the Weight Training Club] is talking to people and being in a fun gym space where people can socialize,” said Gilmore. “because it’s not just about getting strong or working out, it’s about creating community.”