How to have a successful prom


Lisa Klein-Wolf

Last year’s prom committee co-chairs, Lena Fraser and Bailey Armstrong enjoying a Night in Hollywood.

Juniors, we understand you might not be keen on taking advice from seniors. Especially in regards to a new experience like prom. But in reality it’s not that serious. Stressing out over something that you might not remember in 20 years isn’t worth it. 

On April 8, juniors and seniors are invited to attend a masquerade themed dance at the Melody Center at 7pm. 

Bailey Armstrong was the co-chair of the prom committee last year. She enjoyed how the community came together and advises juniors to just enjoy themselves. 

“Prom was probably the most fun school dance because everyone came in with the intention to have fun,” said Armstrong. 

Understand that prom is a school dance first! Be excited to boogie. Bringing positive energy will benefit you and your peers. Embrace the 2018 soundtrack filled with cheesy lyrics (at least you know the words).

Junior Lulu Bond was taken to last year’s prom as a guest and enjoyed the moshpit. She warns against wearing uncomfortable shoes. 

“Don’t wear heels, you will regret it. Wear them for pictures and change into sneakers for the dance,” said Bond. 

Senior Nisan Esme hopes her advice can help juniors have a positive and fulfilling prom. 

“Don’t stress about it. What you wear isn’t that important, no one is going to remember what you wore. Just focus more on how you feel than how you look. Make sure you’re there with people you love. Just focus on you,” said Esme.

At the end of the day prom is an opportunity to have fun and gain new experiences. Ask that person to dance. Wear something a little different. Don’t be shy – promposal that special someone! **cough cough wink wink*