Movie Review: “Enola Holmes 2” enchanted and informed


Courtesy of IMDb

“Enola Holmes 2” was released on October 27, 2022.

The Netflix original “Enola Holmes 2 excited me with the return of the young British detective and her wild adventures. The mystery was filled with suspense and plot twists, with new characters and historical events presented in a creative way.

Millie Bobby Brown stars as Enola Holmes, a bright, quick-witted amateur detective determined to make her name known to the world. Her impressive acting skills were demonstrated due to the contrast between Enola and previous roles she has played, such as the quiet, impulsive Eleven in Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” Helena Bonham Carter plays Enola’s mother, Eudoria Holmes, with great finesse. Her ability to have a whimsical look in her eyes whilst punching criminals in the gut electrifies the screen.

Along with being humorous, I was pleased the movie referenced a real historical event, the Match Girls’ Strike of 1888. Watching the movie taught me about the dangerous conditions and low wages in old London factories that took advantage of young girls in poverty. The plot is developed by the success of the match girls’ protest for better wages, which Enola uses to prove the strength of women when they speak up against issues like unequal pay. 

Not only was the movie relevant, but the chemistry between characters was spot on. The screenplay writer, Jack Thorne, developed a romantic relationship between Viscount Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge) and Enola by writing him to help Enola solve parts of the mystery throughout the movie. His character was interesting, as well as helpful, as his influential role in the English government allowed him to help Enola learn about future law signings. The actors’ performances had my heart melting and hands clapping. They showed the audience how love can grow within a strong friendship.

Even with enchanting characters and a strong plot, the movie had its weak points. The ending was repetitive– too similar to the first movie, “Enola Holmes.” I was unimpressed with the revealing of the criminal, as it felt unoriginal and cliche. The movie had strong rising action but disappointing fulfillment of the mystery.

I would recommend “Enola Holmes 2” to fans of mystery and Millie Bobby Brown, and I’d encourage others to give this heartwarming film a chance. The movie is an inspiration to young girls to work hard and achieve their goals. It also shows they can become leaders and battle sexism still faced today. The actors’ performances caused a whirlwind of exciting emotions, and even though the ending had me yearning for something more unique, “Enola Holmes 2” was a sequel of fabulous artistic execution.