Oregon Governor Tina Kotek plans to change Oregon for the better


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Tina Kotek before running in the election for the Oregon Governor’s office. Kotek went on to win the election.

After a tight gubernatorial race against Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson, Governor Tina Kotek emerged with the title and the support of the state. Kotek has a long four years ahead of her, where she hopes to lead Oregon to a future of affordable housing and accessible mental health treatment.

On Jan. 9, Governor Kotek was sworn into office in Salem, Oregon where she promised to make real changes.

On Jan. 10 in Salem, Oregon, during her first news conference, she quickly began working on her gubernatorial goals.

“I am signing three executive orders aimed at tackling the state’s housing and homelessness crisis,” said Kotek.

Kotek strives to solve the housing crisis in Oregon.

“Executive order 23-04 establishes a statewide housing production goal of 36000 housing units per year,” said Kotek.”The housing construction goal is ambitious because Oregonians are demanding bold solutions to address this crisis.”

In her second executive order, Kotek declared a state of emergency regarding the homelessness crisis.

“Executive order number 23-02 declares a state of emergency due to homelessness in regions of the state that have experienced an increase of unsheltered homelessness of 50% or more from 2017-2022 and unfortunately that includes most of the state,” said Kotek.

Kotek’s third executive order is meant to make sure that the crisis across all of Oregon is solved.

“Executive order number 23-03, which will direct state agencies to prioritize reducing both sheltered and unsheltered homelessness in all areas of the state. Not solely in those where a state of emergency has been declared,”said Kotek.

Lincoln High School teacher Ms. Elliot speaks about her expectations for Kotek and why she thinks she’s an especially qualified governor.

“I think she’s quite gutsy. I don’t think she’ll be too worried about upsetting some people to get things done but also she was speaker of the Oregon house so she knows how to play the game as well,”said Elliot.

Elliot also describes what rights have been protected by previous governor Kate Brown and what she expects for Kotek.

“My expectation is that she protects the LGBTQI+ population…I expect Tina Kotek to keep that right to choose safe,”said Elliot.

Lincoln sophomore Tobias Schwab speaks on his expectations for Kotek’s governance and what he is excited for.

“I am excited that Tina Kotek pledged to work on providing housing for the homeless. I hope that she works on providing treatment and or housing for the homeless population in Portland and other cities with large amounts of homelessness,”said Schwab.