A guide to Lincoln’s go-to snack suppliers


Max Decker

Interior of Go Foods (top) and interior of Westside Market (bottom)

Lincoln’s close proximity to various convenience stores affords students many options for buying food. Two of these stores, Westside Market and Go Foods (commonly referred to as “Eastside”), are especially popular among students. Both businesses sell the same kinds of food and drink, but choosing which store to go to can be a bit of a tough decision.

Both stores are within walking distance from school; it takes about four and a half minutes to walk to Westside from the main entrance of the school, and it takes about two minutes to walk to Go Foods from the cafeteria exit. This small difference in travel time makes a big impact on students’ store of choice during times like lunch where students have a small window to leave the building.

Lincoln junior Matthew Baba says that although he prefers Westside to Go Foods, the weather is a deciding factor for which store he goes to.

“Two days ago, there was rain and a whole storm and I was walking to Westside, but I realized ‘dang I can’t go to Westside cause there’s so much rain and I don’t think it’s worth it’, so I just went back and ate school lunch,” said Baba.

Sophomore Ali Deshaw also has an opinion on the matter.

“The pricing at Westside is actually better than at Go Foods,” Deshaw said. “[But Go Foods] is closer.”

Westside owner JP Chevalier says that his store has an atmosphere that others don’t.

“We create a type of ambience, put on music,” Chevalier said. “I speak French, so a lot of students come here and we speak French and they can practice.”

Directly next to Go Foods is Bellagio’s Pizza and Blue Star Donuts, so if a customer is craving either of those, they’re already in a convenient location. I reached out to Go Food’s manager for input on this piece, but unfortunately could not to get a response.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with wherever you choose to get your snacks from. It’s all preference.

“Westside has more risk and reward, you’re risking it for the biscuit.” said Baba.