Running a new road: Students are enthusiastic for new track and field


Architects rendering of the new track and field illustrates the future plans for Lincoln. Due to the absence of a home track, Lincoln students and athletes are looking forward to the new track and field.

The Lincoln building sits next to the construction site of the new track and field. Lincoln athletes have been anticipating this new track since 2019, when the old track was demolished.  From windows on every floor, students can see the process of building the new track, which will be finished in fall of 2023. 

According to architects from Bora and Mayer Reed, the track will include state of the art long jump pits, practice fields, grandstands and a steel rail located on the inside lane to prevent cheating.                                                                

Junior Bishop Murph, a cross country runner and track and field athlete, explains why Lincoln students should be excited for the new track. 

“Lincoln students should be excited to not have to travel far away for home games because we actually will have home games,” said Murph. “They should also be excited to have a facility in which they can train themselves to become better student-athletes as a whole.”

Freshman Abbigale Hatcher describes why having a track is important to the Lincoln community. 

“Because it makes it feel like our school, like our thing…rather than having to go to another school.” 

Junior Mika Huber is a cross country and track athlete. He believes students should be excited about the accessibility of the new track. 

“I think [students] should be excited about an opportunity to get the highschool life back right,” said Huber.  “You’re able to go to games, cheer on your  [players] and not have to drive 45 minutes to an hour to wherever their game is… being able to see a stadium like that will be able to inspire people to join more sports when it gets built.” 

While the new track is prompting excitement among athletes,  many students don’t understand its importance. Eric Dettman, the cross country and distance track and field coach, says the track will be one of  the few in Oregon where elite races can be run.

“It’s one of three tracks in the state of Oregon that you can qualify for a world championship on,” said Dettman. “So [are] Jesuit and Hayward field down at the University of Oregon. So I think that will just add to the excitement around the facility. And kids running know [they are] running on one of the best tracks and one of the best facilities in the state of Oregon.”