ASB explains how they help the student body


Scarlett Dempsey

Sarah Kane is a senior. She is ASB co-president at Lincoln with Jacob Pixton.

Associated Student Body (ASB) is a group of students in charge of student government at Lincoln High School. ASB is composed of students in different positions and responsibilities who work on school events and building community at Lincoln. 

According to ASB co-president senior Sarah Kane, members of ASB focus on benefiting the whole school and representing the student body.

“ASB is a collection of individuals who have a passion to lead and work very committedly to get done all the things that we do in school,”  said Kane. 

ASB co-president senior Jacob Pixton believes community is important at Lincoln. 

“We want to make everyone at Lincoln feel loved, supported, and we want to make Lincoln generally just a more equitable and stronger community, ” said Pixton. “You need people who have a sense of agency to get that done.” 

As opposed to class cabinets, who concentrate more on specific grade levels and their needs, ASB focuses on the whole school. However, ASB works closely with class cabinet members in order to hear the perspectives of all students.

“We don’t focus as much on things that are specific to our grade level, but school issues. How students are affected, and what we can do to be a more positive community,” said Pixton.

Both Pixton and Kane agree that students have a powerful voice at Lincoln.

“There’s only so much that adults can do and push out,” said Kane.”So I think that having students be able to re-enforce all of the expectations that we have as a community is vital to our success as a school.”