Experienced athletes advise newer runners


Doug Richardson

Senior Eva Novy-Hildesley races to the finish line at the Rose City golf course.

Junior Danny Bravo runs the track at practice. (Connell O’Dell Sample)

Time management can be a struggle for all athletes and people may feel as though they are alone in this struggle. The struggle of time management and how to balance meets and school work is one that even older athletes must overcome.

Senior Eva Novy-Hildesley has been in cross country since her freshman year and is currently a varsity athlete. She believes that time management is her biggest struggle that comes with being an athlete. 

“Managing your time [is difficult]. There’s a lot going on especially if you start competing at a high level, and you want to perform well academically too,” Novy-Hildesley said. “It’s hard to juggle all of those things and wanting to have a social life with your friends, but it’s doable and I wouldn’t trade it.” 

Junior Danny Bravo, who has been in cross country since seventh grade, and is currently a junior varsity athlete(JV), agrees that time management is also his biggest struggle. He has had to find strategies to balance cross country meets and schoolwork.

“I took up an academic center this year, so that’s helped a lot because I can just do [homework] during that class for the time that I missed at home,” Bravo said.

Novy-Hildesley had a different strategy for how to manage her time. 

“I definitely just don’t procrastinate and I try and find small time windows that I can use to get work done really wisely, and I also end up doing some work on the weekends too.” Novy-Hildesley said. 

Both Bravo and Novy-Hildesley acknowledged that balancing meets and school can be a challenge, and it  may seem overwhelming at first. However, there is a community of people who care about each other’s success. 

“I like the community, the camaraderie around the entire thing, just the running community as a whole,” said Bravo. “It’s a fun place to be around.”