Affinity groups find various ways to get funding


Lia Althouse

A photo of the outside of the multicultural center on the first floor. The multicultural center serves as a space for affinity groups to hold meetings.

Lincoln is home to many student unions and affinity groups, such as Brothers of Color, Sisters of Color, and the Native American Student Union. According to junior Sarah Faik, a member of Sisters of Color as well as Arabic Student Union, they are important for helping underrepresented students feel included.

A lesser-known aspect of affinity groups is the source of their funding. Laura Lambert, the school’s bookkeeper, explained that most of the funding for affinity groups comes from donations to those groups, and as a result, there are some spending restrictions. 

“The affinity group [funding is] all part of what we call student body funds, which is all about money that is raised here at Lincoln High School that stays for Lincoln High School,” she said. “Anything that we spend on student body funds has to be student related … It can’t go to an outside organization.”

Senior Kabir Rathore Muthu, the senior class diversity equity inclusion (DEI) representative, said that although the majority of donations for affinity groups go into a shared funds account, there is also a way to appeal to the district for funding. 

“The groups have a shared pool, but they can apply for funding that we ask the district for,” Rathmore Muthu said. “The application is very lengthy so affinity groups unfortunately have to apply a whole six weeks in advance.”

Faik added that clubs can also get financial support from non-PPS sources.

“Clubs can apply for separate grants and get money, which was what Sisters of Color did, and so we’re using the money to take self defense classes,” Faik said. 

Faik also said that affinity groups were trying to find ways to fill up their donation box more in order to get more funding as they do not get very many donations. 

Rathore Muthu expressed a similar sentiment. 

“We’re going to work with the groups to create at least one major fundraising event that will hopefully increase the amount of funding we have on hand by a lot,” he said.