Food review: Bentley’s Bagels offers brilliant bagels


Cole Tomlinson

Bentley’s Bagels, located on NW. 21st Ave., serves some of the best bagels in the city and is a perfect breakfast place to begin the day.

Have you heard of the small cafe serving New York City style bagels located on NW. 21st Ave.? Bentley’s Bagels is a cafe which serves some of the best bagels in PDX. From 7 a.m. to 12 p.m., the cafe serves several options ranging from a classic cream cheese bagel to a bagel sandwich with various toppings.

Bentley’s location makes it a perfect destination for breakfast before school. Via public transportation, it is a 10 to 20 minute commute to the cafe from Lincoln through bus 77. By foot, it is a 20 to 30 minute walk.

Besides Bentley’s, the closest place to Lincoln that serves bagels is a Kenny & Zuke’s located deep in downtown on 1038 SW. Harvey Milk St. The route is filled with traffic and stop lights, making it much less convenient.

Bentley’s choices consist of eight bagel flavors with the option of plain or flavored cream cheese.

Another breakfast option is their egg sandwich on a bagel with meat and veggie add-ons. The price is reasonable, being between $6 and $9 based on how many add-ons you choose. There are two other options on the menu, a granola parfait and a lox bagel, $7.75 and $9.25 respectively. 

My go-to option right before school is the everything bagel sandwich with scrambled eggs and an add on of sausage. The eggs are delicious and perfectly made, the bagel is very filling and the servers work quickly, making the wait short. 

They also sell teas, coffee and soft drinks, ranging from $3-5.

There are many appealing breakfast cafes in the metro district. Bentley’s Bagels is relatively close to Lincoln, and it is worth the walk or bus trip to get there before the first bell rings. I suggest that you try a Bentley’s bagel if you like a filling breakfast at a reasonable price.