Public Safety Alert: Serial rapist to be released in Multnomah County


Ross William Hamilton

Richard Gillmore attends his parole hearing in 2008 where he was denied parole. Gillmore is currently preparing for his upcoming release from the Columbia River Correctional Institution.

Trigger Warning: The article includes mentions of sexual  assault.

According to the Oregonian, after 36 years in prison, serial rapist Richard Troy Gillmore will be released into housing in Old Town on Dec. 16, 2022. He will be supervised using GPS monitoring and is prohibited to have contact with minors or be within close proximity of schools. Gillmore was arrested in 1986 and admitted to raping eight women and girls since 1978. Despite his confession, three years had passed, meaning most of the crimes fell outside of the statute of limitations and he was only convicted of one rape.  

Gillmore was found guilty by a judge in 1987 and sentenced to a maximum of 60 years in prison. However, a parole board cut his sentence in half just a year later under the justification that the extra time was unnecessary and that he could be sufficiently controlled in the public with extra security.

In his initial trial, Gillmore was labeled a “dangerous offender” by multiple psychiatrists, and a psychological evaluation from 2016 confirmed that he was still a danger to the community. Yet, the Static-99R sex offender risk assessment declared him a Level 1 sex offender, a low-risk offender with a small chance of re-offending. This level allows him to move into an area without the state or county notifying his neighbors that could potentially be at risk.  

Gillmore’s victims have continued to follow the case since his imprisonment, advocating against his release and speaking out about their assaults. 

To learn more about the circumstances of Gillmore’s release, read Maxine Berstein’s article on the topic from The Oregonian. All information used in this article is sourced from The Oregonian’s various articles on this case. 


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