Meet the freshman class cabinet


Miles Levine

Freshman elections were Oct. 28. Members of the new class cabinet say they are looking forward to working on various projects this upcoming school year.

Miles Levine

Riley Debose (Co-President):

Riley Debose is excited to serve as one of this year’s freshmen co-presidents. Debose is starting her position with a positive mindset and many plans in mind. 

“[I want to] be a leader. I’m looking forward to planning events, participating and having a voice,” she said.

Being a part of leadership has also let Debose realize the influence her position carries.

“[I want to] bring change, be a leader for the class as a whole and also to act as a role model,” she said.

Even though the school year has just started, Debose is enjoying it so far. She intends on continuing to participate in leadership in later years.

“This is my first time doing something like this, and going into it, I didn’t think about doing it again in the future–but that is something I am starting to think about now that I have this position,” she said. 


Tilly Dettling (Co-President):

Tilly Dettling is looking forward to being one of this year’s freshmen co-presidents. The thought of being a part of student government was something that piqued Dettling’s interest when she arrived at Lincoln, and she already has ideas of how she can get her peers more involved.

“I’m really passionate about leadership and wanted to integrate that into the freshmen class and give everyone a voice,” she said.

Dettling is spending time behind the scenes trying to see how she can get more freshmen at the forefront of some of the decision-making.

“So far I’m just seeing ways we can get more student representation in the government. We are getting together committees and finding people who are willing to be leaders,” she said.

Dettling believes that the whole cabinet should try and prioritize creating a comfortable environment for all freshmen. 

“We are all trying to be role models and I think that leading by example is the best way,” she said.


Koko Zemsky (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Representative):

Freshman diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) representative Koko Zemsky has been interested in leadership since middle school. 

As a member of her middle school’s student council, Zemsky had a glimpse of what it felt like to be involved in her school community. After entering Lincoln, Zemsky immediately felt welcome.

“When I first came to Lincoln I was surprised about the community, and I wanted to contribute to that,” Zemsky said. 

After settling into her role as DEI Representative, Zemsky has plans to prioritize the needs and wants of her classmates.

“I don’t have specific plans but I want to listen to everyone else’s voice around me then go from there,” she said. 

One of the most important aspects of being a student leader to Zemsky is the support that she shows to the rest of her class.

“I want to show up to as many events as possible and help out in any way I can,” she said.


Amanda Schubert (Wellness Representative):

Freshman Amanda Schubert is eager to start her work as wellness representative. Since entering her freshman year, Schubert has had her eyes set on being a part of student government.

“I just wanted to be involved in leadership and the wellness positions were really interesting to me,” Schubert said.

After only a few weeks as wellness representative Schubert already has ideas of how she wants to provide more opportunities for involvement for her freshmen classmates.

“We are planning on making an environmental committee,” Schubert said. 

Schubert wants to act as a resource and safe space for any student that she encounters.

“I just really want to be a good leader and give them resources and be someone anyone can come to,” Schubert said. 


Finnian Usher (Spirit Representative):

Freshman Finnian Usher is thrilled to be serving as this year’s spirit representative. 

Usher has been involved in student leadership since middle school and experienced some of the responsibilities that come along with having a leadership role. As a result, he already has his goals lined up for the rest of the year.

“I want to help plan activities and make the school as fun as possible,” he said.

Usher feels like his leadership and energy will be beneficial to our school community.

“I feel like our school has a lot of spirit and I feel like I can bring a lot of spirit to our games and activities,” he said.

Usher wants to make an impact on his peers’ experiences at Lincoln and hopes everyone feels the excitement that he does.

“I want to make sure everyone is feeling school spirit and positively contribute to everyone’s year,” he said.


Daniel Sutanto (Communications Representative):

Freshman Daniel Sutanto has just begun his term as communications representative and he’s already embracing his responsibilities.  After making the transition from middle school to high school, Sutanto was sure that he wanted to be more involved in his community. He’s taken the initiative to invite more of his peers into some of the decision-making as well. 

“I’m just planning to increase the leadership opportunities for freshmen by communicating [and] letting everyone know that there is a leadership opportunity,” he said.

Promoting inclusivity is something that resonates with Sutanto. He wants to contribute to a welcoming school environment where everyone feels respected. 

“I want to include everyone and make sure I’m being a positive role model,” he said.