The return of Lincoln’s freestyle ski team


Isabel Bruce

Student coordinators of the brand new Lincoln freestyle ski team, Max Flucht and Zakary Dallner. The ski team is starting back up after a two year hiatus due to COVID.

Freestyle skiing, a winter Olympic sport, combines style, speed and big air. Skiers face moguls, halfpipe and high flying aerial tricks. This high intensity sport is reemerging at Lincoln High School. 

Seniors Max Flucht and Zakary Dallner are rejuvenating Lincoln’s Freestyle Ski Team this upcoming winter season. 

The sport was last active at Lincoln in 2020 before COVID-19 shut down in-person school. Although Flucht wasn’t a member of the freestyle ski team his freshman year, friends piqued his interest about the team. 

“It was on my radar that we had [a freestyle ski team] but I didn’t know that it was over until then,” said Flucht.

The excitement in the freestyle ski team for Dallner stems from the passion to improve his skills on the mountain. 

“I’ve gotten into skiing a lot more over the past two or three years, especially since I’ve gotten my license. I can just drive up to the mountain on my own,” said Dallner. “I mean Meadows isn’t known for its snow, so I spent a lot of time in the park and I just kept progressing. I just really wanted a place to go for it.” 

Dallner and Flucht reinstated the freestyle ski team as part of their requirements as full IB students. All full IB students at Lincoln must participate in a Creativity Activity and Service (CAS) project in order to fulfill their diploma requirement. 

“We have to choose a big project that takes months of planning and writing lots of reflections. And it’s really to make sure that we’re doing fun extracurricular stuff along with the IB diploma schedule,” said Flucht.

The student coordinators are anticipating a great upcoming winter season.

“I mean we haven’t really had this sort of a program in a generation of Lincoln kids. There’s been a solid three years where it just hasn’t been able to happen due to COVID. I am just very excited that we can bring that opportunity back for a lot of people,” said Flucht.