How much does it cost to complete the full IB diploma?


Isabella Hartman

The cost to complete the full IB diploma is $564. Financial aid options are available for all students who need them.

The price to complete the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma is $564. Costing $94 each, there are six tests that IB diploma candidates need to take. Students’ scores from these tests are combined to give them a total score out of 45. In order to receive the diploma, candidates must score at least a 24. Students and their families are responsible for paying the fees in order to take these tests. 

Lincoln’s IB Coordinator Kim Bliss explains the reasoning behind the fees. 

“[Grading] does take a pretty enormous bureaucratic lift, and that is reflected in the price of the exams,” said Bliss. 

For the internal assessment, required in each IB class, teachers give an initial grade. This grade is then checked by an IB examiner working for the program. Additionally, each class has at least two external assessments, taken outside of class, that must be graded. Finally, the tests must be sent to a scanning center where the workers also must be paid.

In terms of available financial assistance, students have a few options. 

“If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, there’s absolutely zero cost for the tests. It’s 100% subsidized by the state,” said Bliss. “If you do not qualify for free and reduced lunch, but you require financial aid, you can indicate that as part of the registration process, and then we work with PPS to meet the needs of all families.”

There are also payment plans available for students who are able to fully pay the fee, but need more time to do so. Any of these choices can be indicated when registering for an IB exam, and will be kept confidential between the student, family and Mr. Bliss. 

If a student decides they don’t want to take the test, there are cancellation refunds. 

“There’s a $35 late registration fee if you sign up after November 15. You can cancel through January 13 for a full refund,” said Bliss. 

Senior Phoebe Grimes is completing the full IB diploma and took two out of her six IB exams last year. She thinks that the cost of testing for the diploma is too high. 

“I’m concerned that to just test for the IB diploma alone it is $600,” said Grimes. 

She thinks that financial aid should be more easily accessible and the process is too complicated.

“[Applying for financial aid] is such a hassle, and should not be a limiting factor to students interested in higher level courses and testing for college credits,” Grimes said.