Changes to the school lunch


The school lunch now has two lines that lead to a burrito/nacho bar and the special of the day or pizza.

The new school year has brought an abundance of changes to Lincoln. One of the changes that has received less recognition is school lunch. 

In the old building, the school lunch was served in the cafeteria, which was in the basement. The line for lunch snaked through the basement hallway up to a staircase full of hungry students waiting to eat. 

This year, instead of one line, there are two, which lead to the burrito and nacho bar or to the meal of the day and pizza. Though there were pre-wrapped burritos in the old building twice a week, many students feel that the burrito bar is a fresh new addition. 

“The burrito line is great as an alternative if you don’t want the dish being served that day. Last year, you just kind of got what was being served without much of an option besides the pizza,” said Charlotte Yesser, a senior who has gotten school lunch since the beginning of the 2021-22 school year. 

With new additions to the school lunch menu, there is some confusion regarding what will be served due to allergies and nutritional information. The menu is available online, under Food Menus-Portland Public Schools.  

Students are also required to pay for school lunches this year. During the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2021-22 school year lunch was free for all students. Now that school is back to pre-pandemic procedures, the school lunch costs money again. 

“At first I think students were turned away a bit. There are meal plans so if you have a lower income you can get a reduced price or free lunch if you’re qualified,” said junior Nathan Davidson, who volunteers to hand out food at lunch. 

Last year, school lunches served about 275 students. However, with the new school and easier access to the cafeteria, the amount of students being served has nearly doubled. Trinity Dutton, who leads Lincoln’s nutrition services, accredits the increase to the burrito bar.

“In the new school, there’s actually more kids that are coming,” said Dutton. “I think it’s just the burrito bar every day. It’s $3.50 versus walking all the way to Chipotle for an $8 burrito.”