Food Review: Trader Joe’s strikes again with a fall pumpkin line


Addison Locke

Trader Joe’s has a large selection of fall-themed foods.

Every year Trader Joe’s releases a huge line of fall-themed foods, most of which include pumpkin. After trying several, we determined that some were the perfect seasonal delicacy, while others left us feeling ill. 

#1: The pumpkin cheesecake croissants shined through as the best food we tasted. For a frozen baked pastry, it was delicate and flakey. The middle was filled with a creamy pumpkin filling that melts in your mouth and leaves a sweet, yet spicy aftertaste. 

#2: The pumpkin spice latte is a classic fall drink. Trader Joe’s Colombe version did not disappoint. The coffee itself is mediocre, but the essence of pumpkin spice flavor makes up for that completely. It provided an energy boost and no stomach issues!

#3: If you’re a lover of spicy food, the mini spicy pumpkin samosas are for you! There is a spicy kick and can be eaten as a quick snack or a delicious main course.

#4: The pumpkin spice hummus is probably one of the most creative Trader Joe’s products of all time. It tasted more like pumpkin pie filling than hummus, due to the large amount of sugar it contains.

#5: The pumpkin ice cream was delicious. However, it isn’t superior to their other ice creams such as the cold brew coffee and boba coconut non-dairy frozen dessert. While we would definitely eat it again, it didn’t blow us away like the croissants or coffee did.

#6: The gluten free pumpkin streusel muffin is tasty considering it is gluten free. It is very moist, with the texture of wet sand in a good way. 

#7: Non-Dairy Pumpkin Oat Beverage was as underwhelming as Mean Girls 2. We were expecting a scrumptious pumpkin flavored oat milk, however we were deceived. It tasted bland, and the thick consistency lingered on the palette. 

#8: The pumpkin spice creamy cashew yogurt alternative sounded like a fantastic vegan option considering how niche the product was. However, it tasted like the yogurt was regurgitated out of a bird’s mouth, mixed with some chunky pumpkin and poured into cups for shipping.

Overall, the Trader Joe’s pumpkin line was a success, and released many scrumptious products such as the pumpkin cheesecake croissants and the pumpkin spice latte. However, nothing is perfect, and the better products would not stand out without the flops of the century, namely the cashew yogurt and the non-dairy oat beverage.