Lincoln students prepare for spooky season


Courtesy of Victoria Kelly

Senior Victoria Kelly dressed in her costume in 2010.

As we approach the spookiest holiday of the year, students and faculty begin preparing their costumes for Halloween night. For avid fans of the holiday, looking back on their prior Halloween costumes can bring delight and a sense of inspiration. 

Junior Magana Bancud and senior Victoria Kelly, both Halloween enjoyers, reminisced on their previous  costumes. 

“Last year I was Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill,” said Bancud.

Like Bancud, senior Victoria Kelly is a big fan of Halloween.

“I was a fairy, kind of basic,” she said. “I wore a mesh blue skirt, and these really cool wings.”

Biology teacher Laura Lisensky planned her costume months in advance and is ecstatic about the concept. 

“I am currently obsessed with the movie, Everything Everywhere All at Once,” said Lisensky. “I am going as the main character played by Michelle Yeong, and my girlfriend is going as Jamie Lee Curtis’s character. We are going to be the version of these characters from the hotdog finger universe.”

As a lover of Halloween movies, Bancud shares their excitement towards their costume plans this year. 

“I am going to be Sally from Nightmare before Christmas and my boyfriend is going to be Jack Skellington,” said Bancud. 

Bancud is excited to see more participation from students and faculty at school, especially considering that this year’s Halloween falls on a Monday.

 “I hope that people dress up, because last year nobody did,” said Bancud. 

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, Kelly hopes to see student participation on Halloween. 

“I want to see a lot of people really just out there with strange costumes that are not basic, and very fun to look at,” said Kelly. “Just something that is very creative.”