Why Lincoln won’t have additional parking for students


Cole Tomlinson

Cars fill Salmon St. without any place to park as students leave at the end of the day.

Lincoln is the only Portland Public Schools (PPS) high school in downtown Portland. Many students use TriMet to commute. For students who drive, there is a lack of parking. 

In 2017, Principal Chapman proposed the idea of underground parking, which would allow the school to keep the school and field in the same place. In the end, the idea was scrapped due to its breaking of Oregon’s eco rule guidelines.

“Underground parking turned out to be incredibly expensive at $50k per slot due to the engineering costs and the fact that Tanner Creek is buried in a large pipe beneath us under SW 17th,” said Chapman.

Going forward, there have not been any plans made by the PPS Board of Education or Lincoln to add parking for students because PPS Ed Specifications require all the space that the school has to be used towards other requirements.

“PPS would have to purchase or rent a parking lot nearby and the cost is astronomical,” said Chapman.