Lincoln’s next door neighbors


Skylar DeBose

Lincoln’s brand new building and the Sawbuck apartments are both located on SW Salmon Street.

Lincoln’s new building sits adjacent to the Sawbuck apartments. Large windows allow both buildings to see into each other’s spaces. This has raised issues for both communities. 

The Cardinal Times reached out to Sawbuck management with the hope of connecting with residents. Management declined by email, but stated that most of the feedback they’ve received from residents, “hasn’t been great… No one has complained about staff or students, just mentioned that they dislike the lack of privacy and having to be conscious of minors seeing into their homes.”  

Reporters interviewed residents going in and out of Sawbuck. A tenant who requested to be anonymous brought up the issue of parking. 

“Parking already is brutal. [Students] get dropped off at the front door, and then [their parents] sit in…parking for 40 minutes,” said the resident. 

This resident also commented on the behavior of students. 

“You don’t let kids out of school onto these streets… they just don’t know how to behave,” said the anonymous resident. “Kids should be proactively told ‘Hey listen, you’re outside the doors of this school, you’ve got to remember where you’re at.”’ 

English teacher Dardn Thomsen’s classroom gives her a clear view in an apartment. In August, before school began for students, Thomsen witnessed a naked resident. 

“I was in my room, looking across the street, and I saw a little white dog emerge from an apartment unit, and behind the dog, opening the door, was a man who had no clothes on,” she said.

While some residents don’t like being located next to a school, others aren’t bothered.

Quan Nguyen, who moved into the apartments in August, didn’t even know what the new building was for at first. 

“To be honest I didn’t even know it was a high school. You guys are the first time I’ve ever seen kids [around here],” he said. “The only problem may be traffic… but I’ve been dealing with traffic with [soccer] games more than you guys.”

 The Cardinal Times is interested in talking to other community members about coexisting near a high school. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, please contact [email protected].