Class of 2023 navigates their tumultuous high school career


Isabel Bruce

Lincoln seniors Kate Bingham, Kelsey Nitta and Oliver Tagalog stand together in the new building.

This year’s seniors have had a unique high school journey. Their freshman year of high school in 2020 was interrupted by the pandemic. Even with sophomore year fully online, the class of 2023 persevered. They returned in person junior year wearing masks and navigating breakout cases of Covid. Now they are experiencing senior year in a brand new building down the block. 

Kate Bingham reflected on her senior experience. 

“I wish that I had one more year in this building, we’re still getting settled in and we don’t fully know how it works yet. I am really jealous of all the juniors who got to be in the old building, but also will be able to fully settle into the new building, ” said Bingham.

 Another current senior, Kelsey Nitta shared her thoughts on being a senior in the new building, 

“I feel like some community has been lost through the lunch scenario, we don’t sit together in our hallway anymore…” said Nitta. “I think senior class will always have the same energy and it’s definitely exciting being in the new building. I give it an 8/10.” 

Class of 2023 has dealt with many hurdles including the transition from online school to in person school and a masked junior year. Oliver Tagalog shared his thoughts on how seniors have learned how to be flexible. 

“I just feel we’re more versatile. Being able to switch from regular learning to going into distance learning. It might have interrupted a couple things, but we came out the end better for it. We are quicker to adapt to certain changes,” said Tagalog.

Nitta shared Tagalog’s feelings of seniors being able to go with the flow.  

“I definitely like to talk about [going to high school throughout a pandemic] like it’s something special to my parents. I’m like ‘you had normal highschool and I didn’t,’ but in the grand scheme of things, I have just been going with it and that’s really all you can do,” said Nitta. “I did the best I could and so did all the seniors.”