Moberi makes its mark with mouthwatering menu items


Miles Levine

These beautiful and delicious acai bowls make for the perfect brunch treat.

Miles Levine

Located on northwest 23rd Street, Moberi, a plant-based cafe specializing in smoothies and acai bowls, is a step up from other local breakfast spots because of its modern environment, delicious food and excellent customer service.

According to their website, Moberi’s mission is  looking for a way to make healthy food more fun.” It originated as a food cart that used bike power to run equipment such as blenders. This interactive idea for a healthy food cart was featured on the popular show Shark Tank but never received any attention from investors. 

Nevertheless, Moberi continued evolving, ultimately creating beautiful storefronts in some of the most booming areas in Portland. Locations can be found on Hawthorne, Mississippi Avenue, Cedar Hills and northwest 23rd Street. 

At the northwest 23rd Street location, I walked into the large glass doors and saw a lively interior. The walls had splashes of green and purple, there were plants everywhere, nice wooden benches for seating, and big menus dangling from the ceiling. This ambiance made me feel very welcome.

The natural light makes the store inviting and the abundance of outdoor seating gives an indoor-outdoor feel. I sat down at one of the indoor benches right in between the counter and entrance. The bench’s perfect size made for a cozy space. 

When I ordered, the employees were friendly and recommended some of their favorite items. The menu has a wide variety of options. They have at least seven smoothies to choose from, with the option of adding toppings or mix-ins. For an additional charge of one to two dollars, I could add bee pollen, protein powder, coconut yogurt, and more. All seven bowls are customizable, having the option between an acai (mixed berry base) or pitaya (dragon fruit base) and various toppings.

I ordered a “Yoda Bowl” and a “Peanut Butter Cacao” smoothie. The bowl that I ordered had an acai base, an array of different fruits, honey, granola, peanut butter and cacao nibs. The bowl looked stunning. Everything was perfectly placed in a symmetrical design. It was also delicious. The acai was creamy, the fruit was fresh, the peanut butter was salty and the honey made it sweet. I would give it a solid 9/10 only due to the fact that the honey made it a bit messy. As for the smoothie, the peanut butter banana flavor was strong, however, the texture of the smoothie was gritty. The size was large, so I would rate it a 7/10. 

Everything tasted good, but their pricing is expensive. The smoothie was $8 and the acai was $12 for the medium size. If you are on a budget, I would personally only come here with friends, family or someone willing to treat you. This isn’t an everyday cafe, and it’s definitely worth the money.

Overall, I would recommend taking a trip to Moberi. Each and every aspect from the ambiance to the menu items made for an outstanding experience. The price may make it a bit restricting to some, but I would still recommend it.