Profile: Samuel Wilson

In room 108 there is a teacher who once attended this very school as a student. Now he’s hard at work grading assignments and essays. 

Samuel Wilson is an English Literature teacher for tenth graders. He graduated from Lincoln in 2005.

“I’ve been teaching at Lincoln since 2016. This is my sixth year [of teaching at this school],” said Wilson.

Wilson says that with teaching at a high school there comes challenges.

“The most challenging aspect of teaching is sort of work-life balance and as an English teacher, finding the time to give feedback on students’ writing,” said Wilson.

Before he began teaching at Lincoln, Wilson  taught Outdoor Education.

“Before I taught at Lincoln I used to work at Outdoor Education leading trips. [Like] backpacking and rock climbing; I spent time leading kids on one to two week trips outdoors,” said Wilson.

Wilson says there are many things that he’s grown to love about teaching.

“I enjoy hearing students express their ideas of the world and I enjoy exploring difficult questions,” said Wilson.

Wilson is excited about the new school building that is being built.

“You know I was a student at Lincoln once so this building has a lot of memories for me as a teacher and a student. I’m excited for a new chapter and I’m ready to let go of this building,” he said.

Wilson has not always taught just one grade level but different ones.

“The school where I taught before Lincoln, I taught 9th-12th grade, it was a small [Outdoor] school,” said Wilson.

Outside of school Wilson has his own hobbies and interests.

“I love spending time outside. One thing I like to do is forage for mushrooms. So, walking through the woods searching for mushrooms,” said Wilson.

There are a wide number of reasons why Wilson wanted to be an English literature teacher.

“Books are ways into exploring what it means to be alive, to be human,” said Wilson.