Charles Davis is in the Building!


Charlie Davis “studying” in Lincoln high school.

Lincoln High School is about to be new and improved with a new building, coming in the 2022-2023 school year, and sophomore Charlie Davis is eager for the new workspaces that willtransition Lincoln into the modern era.

“I do think that Lincoln needs a new school building, because it’s a very old building, and it is dirty and a new school building could really help with that,” said Davis.

That’s not to say Davis thinks that the current building is anything to be scoffed at.

“[The current building] has a really nice community, it is very old, and it has been here for a while, and we’ve really built a nice relationship amongst ourselves,” said Davis.

Davis does, however, believe that the current building isn’t suitable for students’ spacial and sanitorial needs.

“[The current school building] is very old. And dirty. The bathrooms are also dirty. And it’s crowded!” said Davis.

Davis believes that the future of Lincoln is going to be bright with the new learning and teaching environment.

“I’m looking forward to building new futures, and [the new building will] be great and new and clean and it’ll be good,” said Davis.

Davis does have a concern about the move lingering in his mind.

“It will be a change and I’ll have to learn where everything is,” said Davis.“It will be harder to get used to, but after a while, I think we’ll get the hang of it.”

Davis is looking forward to some new furniture.

“It would be nice to have new chairs, because the chairs that we have are old, and creaky, and wobbly and dusty,” said Davis.

The academic possibilities the new building will grant students is another important thing Davis looks forward to. He  thinks that a lot of classes could really benefit from a new workspace. 

“Culinary [will be better], because of the new cafeteria and the new kitchen, and chemistry, because we’ll have six new labs.”

Despite having a completely new building, the Lincoln community won’t have their commutes affected by the upgrade, as it’s being built right next to the current one. Davis says his commute will be “pretty much the same,” although with a bit less of a walk.

Lastly, he cannot wait to have a new environment to eat his lunch in. 

“I am looking forward to the new cafeteria!” said Davis.