New trend: Lincoln-based Instagram accounts


Sophia Halpern

Above are three of the many Instagram accounts that Lincoln students have created. Recently, it has become a trend for students (often anonymous) to open accounts that share pictures of the student body. From top to bottom: @lhs.sleep_patrol, @thesecretsoflincolnhighschool and @lhstinder.

Sophia Halpern

Students from Lincoln have recently opened Instagram accounts that share pictures of the student body, from sleeping in class to having bad posture.

@lincoln.posture.check is just one of the many Lincoln-based accounts. The page has over 60 posts of students in classrooms with bad posture, sneakily taken by others in the class. The picture taker then sends the photo to the account by DM, and it gets posted soon after. Throughout the process, the student running the account remains anonymous. As of Mar. 11, @lincoln.posture.check has 242 followers and 63 posts of students with bad posture.

 The account @lhs.sleep_patrol currently has 97 posts of students sleeping during class, and has 446 followers, as of Mar. 11.

The account has eight owners, all of whom requested to remain anonymous for this article. They decided to make the account after seeing videos online.

“We got the idea from TikTok, because it was a trend to start different pages such as a sleep account or posture check account for your school,” they said.

They make sure to only post pictures of students who are okay with having their photos up on the account.

“We want the account to be funny and not to expose or embarrass anyone,” they said. “If anyone requests it, we will take [the post] down. We try to handle the account in a way that doesn’t harm anyone.”

@thesecretsoflincolnhighschool has 503 followers and 63 total photos uploaded, and posts Lincoln students showing off their outfits. The caption of each post includes a vibrant description of their outfit and explains what number they are “ranked” in their grade’s fashion list, a list made by the account’s owner, junior Ozzy Ratliff.

Ratliff says he asks for permission before posting on his account, and that he has heard mostly positive feedback from Lincoln students.

“I’ve heard that people think it’s funny, so I’ve rolled with it,” he said.

Ratliff also thinks that it is important to make sure that people are comfortable with him posting them on the account.

“I think it’s important because not everyone feels comfortable being posted on social media for everyone to see, and that’s okay,” he said.

With 196 followers and 45 posts as of Mar. 11, @lhstinder is meant for students seeking love. Any Lincoln student can fill out a Google Form that contains questions about what they like, what they dislike and a fun fact about themselves. After the student submits the Google Form, a photo from their Instagram feed will be posted on the account, along with a caption that includes all of the information they provided. Then, any other Lincoln student can reach out to them.

The owner of @lhstinder agreed to interview anonymously. They said that their account is unique.

“What makes my account unique is that everyone gets to advertise the best parts of themselves,” they said. “Everyone gets the spotlight to be lucky in love.”

These accounts seem to be a hit with the student body, and they don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.