Addy’s Sandwich Bar


Neve Erdman

Addy’s Sandwich Bar review by mass communications student Neve Erdman

Neve Erdman

Addy’s Sandwich Bar is a charming little sandwich shop near Lincoln, located at 911 SW 10th Ave. According to their website, they started out as a food cart in 2009 in the Alder Street food cart pod.

 “My goal was to provide quick, simple, quality baguette sandwiches, so I put together a small menu of sandwiches, all on Little T Baker shorty baguettes. In 2013 I sold the cart and moved into 911 SW 10th Ave,” says owner Addy Bittner via the restaurant website.

“Now, with my amazing staff, we offer an expanded menu that includes power salads, panini sandwiches, homemade soups, leafy green salads, smoothies and a few sweets. We use simple ingredients, consciously raised meat and artisan bread to prepare creative combinations at fair prices for busy downtown lunchers.” 

As I approached the shop, I was greeted by black and white striped awnings and delightfully bright hanging flower baskets. The bell jingled as I walked in, and the air smelled like fresh bread, which was showcased in two baskets on the counter. 

The cafe had a friendly atmosphere. The interior was decorated with white subway tile and green plants. There was a main countertop with the register and a deli case with drinks. On one side wall there were shelves with products for sale such as chocolate bars, jam and seaweed. Opposite of the shelves was a high countertop, which I’m guessing was their indoor seating pre-Covid, but now had a water jug and glasses for guests. 

The staff was very friendly, and were readily available to answer any questions I had. I asked what they recommended and what was in each sandwich. The menu was  diverse, they had lots of different sandwiches, soups, salads and smoothies. Everything was priced similarly, the soups, salads and sandwiches ranged from $7-$9, and smoothies were about $5.

I ordered their Sandwich Special for $8.50, with bacon, roasted yams, gorgonzola, blue cheese, dijon mustard and iceberg lettuce, served as a panini. It was wrapped in their classic deli paper, and it was big enough that I was satisfied when I had only finished the first half.  The sandwich was absolutely delicious. The tang of the cheeses and the mustard was brilliantly offset by the sweetness of the yams and the crunch of the lettuce. The bacon and the bread balanced everything out, making for a very flavorful sandwich.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Addy’s Sandwich Bar. Only four blocks away from school, it is a great lunch option for students and staff, with delicious sandwiches and many other options like soups, salads and smoothies.