Bathroom conditions declining


Storey Rose Donn-Strozier

Senior bathroom at Lincoln High School.

Storey Rose Donn-Strozier

Conditions of the Lincoln high school bathrooms have been rapidly getting worse in the past year. There are leaky ceilings, broken toilets and an issue of overcrowding. Since students haven’t been in the building for almost a year, less maintenance to the bathrooms has taken place in the past year. 

Roger Hasting, the head custodian at Lincoln, who has been at Lincoln since Dec. of 2018, thinks there are ways Portland Public Schools (PPS) can help with the problems with the bathrooms at Lincoln both now and in the future. 

“They could start with adequate staffing, especially when we get into the new building. They’re going to think everything is brand new, so it should be easier to clean,” said Hastings. “That building is going to be 50 % larger than this one and I’m concerned that I’m not going to get any more staffing to deal with the square footage.” 

Students also play a big part in the condition of the bathrooms. 

Hastings agrees that student behavior plays a part in the conditions of the bathrooms.

When the customers vandalise them or tag them it makes my job harder because it’s the one place where the student body is unsupervised,” said Hastings. 

Student Adatto agrees with Hastings. 

“Students need to clean up after themselves, and not write all over the walls,” he said.