Where does the money go?

Lincoln High School students spend money on themselves, friends, and/or activities outside of school, mostly by using the money they get from their parents or part-time jobs.

According to the Institute for Social Research from the University of Michigan, teen workers tend to use their money on “clothes, music, movies, eating out and other personal expenses.”

Lincoln students tend to fit this pattern.

“I would say I spend money mainly on going out and eating out with my friends or on Xbox and games,” said  freshman Odin Alto. 

The patterns for how students manage their money varied more than the patterns found for students’ money spendage. 

¨I’m really bad with money so I can’t save it,” said freshman Teresa Choi. “I also like to spend my money on my friends,” she said. “I like to spoil my friends. I’m really bad with money so I can’t save it.”

Unlike Choi, Alto reports that he is able to save money.

“Well I have money saved up for college and I’ve been saving it for six to seven years,” said Alto. Alto also said that he does spend money on food and technology. He added that although he doesn’t have a source of income now, he plans to find a part-time job after high school or during college.

According to Understood.org, many students may decide to go to college or get technical training, but others may decide to begin a job or to start a career, while some students plan on doing both.

“Well once I’m older, out of high school or in college I will get a job somewhere, maybe a restaurant,” said Alto.