Within the Flock: Nathan Dietzold


Morgan Miller

Nathan Dietzold holds the door open for other students during lunch.

“Within the Flock” is a column highlighting the members of this school that make Lincoln so special.

Sophomore Nathan Dietzold never intended for his one-off door holding to turn into a full-time gig.

Many students have had the experience of waiting for someone to open the locked back doors that lead from the courtyard into the school building. Even during lunch, it used to be difficult to get back inside.

Since noticing the problem, Dietzold has sat by the doors to the courtyard every lunch.

“I noticed… especially with the people with crutches and people with their hands full, [they] can’t open the door,” Dietzold said. “So it started with me holding the door for a long period [of time for a few people], and, eventually, I was just like, ‘Huh, okay. This is just kind of how it is now.’”

In addition to holding the door for others, Dietzold has started playing music to liven up students’ lunchtime.

“It started with me bringing my headphones, then it evolved into me using my phone without the headphones, and then I started bringing the speaker,” he said. 

Junior Cooper Lahti says Dietzold has improved his lunchtime. 

“He makes it fun and [he] puts a smile on my face,” Lahti said. 

Another recipient of Dietzold’s good deeds is sophomore Sahasra Akkina. 

”It’s just really cool that he does that for people. It’s a really great gesture, especially considering he does it every day,” she said.

Besides the enormous amount of “thank you’s” he receives, Dietzold has earned $4 in tips.

“I hate when I get tips, which is very rare, but … amusing,” Dietzold said.

He plans on continuing to hold the door for his schoolmates. 

“As long as people are going outside,” he said. “I’ll be there.”