Students explore lunch destinations around the school


Hazel Thomas

Westside Market (14th Ave.) provides a variety of food and is a favorite lunch destination for Lincoln High School students.

Going out to lunch is popular this year among Lincoln students. There are a variety of places to get food near the school, including Westside Market, Bellagio’s, Safeway and the Portland Farmers Market.

All four options are easily accessible, and within a seven minute walk from school. Students have limited time (typically just 37 minutes) and these lunch spots provide a quick and convenient way to get food. They offer different kinds of food services, so students can make a choice based on preference and budget.

Lincoln sophomore Lola Kovel said that her favorite places to get lunch are Safeway and the farmers market. Safeway features a variety of food for relatively low prices compared to restaurant food. This includes deli food, baked goods, and packaged foods. She said the farmers market has slightly more expensive and higher quality food. The market is located near Portland State University and is open exclusively on Wednesdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., with over 30 vendors.

“There’s a mix of stands; there’s fruits and vegetables, there’s usually bakeries with bread and cookies,” Kovel said.

However, the farmers market has yet to be discovered by many Lincoln students.

“Not a lot of people actually go to the Farmer’s Market,” Kovel said.

Lincoln sophomore Mathilda Schmidt, on the other hand, said she loves to go to Bellagio’s and Westside Market, which are arguably the two most popular lunch destinations for Lincoln students.

Bellagio’s is a pizza restaurant on Jefferson Street. They sell a variety of pizza, by the slice or whole, including gluten free options. In addition, they sell sandwiches, salads, appetizers and desserts. Their food attracts large groups of students on a daily basis, who usually dine in.

“Bellagio’s is usually super crowded,” Schmidt said. “I think one time [it was so crowded that] I was standing [in line] right next to the door.”

Westside Market, on 14th Ave., is more of a convenience store than a restaurant. It is a small, locally owned business (owned by J.P. Chevalier, father to a Lincoln alum), and just a two minute walk from Lincoln. They sell classic convenience store items: chips, gum, canned and bottled beverages and lots of other snacks. They also stock some lunch items you might not find in other convenience stores, including fresh coffee, sandwiches, salads and bagels.

Overall, Schmidt said that Bellagio’s is a good place to go for fresh hot food, while Westside is  quick and convenient. Kovel said that Safeway provides a wide variety of options, and the farmers market has local, high quality food.

“The farmers market’s food is fancier and it tends to make me feel fancier,” Kovel said.