On Reading Romance: Column 2— seven reasons why you should pick up a romance novel


Gabby Shaffer

Gabby Shaffer, a junior on the Cardinal Times staff, has created this column to inform others about the joy she and others find in romance reading.

Gabby Shaffer

I decided to compile this list of reasons why you should read a romance novel because I think romance novels have so much to offer. People often don’t realize what a romance novel entails, but with this list I hope to sway you to read one. 


  1. Romance novels guarantee a Happily Ever After (HEA). 
    • Part of the definition of a romance novel is having that HEA that you can rely on. Even if it isn’t an HEA, romance novels will provide a satisfying “Happy for now” ending. 
  2. Romance novels can teach you more about conflict resolution and communication. 
    • By reading about relationships and watching individuals navigate them, you can learn more about how to communicate with others effectively. Many romance novels have a big fight or barrier just before the HEA. 
  3. Romance novels can teach you more about others.
    • Like most books, you can read about people who are different from you. You can read about characters who have different life experiences and world views. 
  4. Romance novels allow you to see more character development and connect with characters.
    • I’ve read a lot of romances where I’ve really connected with a character or multiple characters. This is one of the joys of reading in general, as you can find yourself belonging in certain books and with certain characters. Unlike other books, romances are very “character forward,” meaning they are really about the people, and not so much an event. That’s why I think that romances are so important for people who are learning how to navigate the world and communicate with others. 
  5. You can join a really great group of readers! 
    • Romance readers are amazing. There is a really strong sense of community and really enthusiastic fans of books (especially social media), and you should definitely read a romance to join this amazing community.  
  6. Romances are fun! 
    • Reading romance novels is really relaxing and really enjoyable. 
  7. Young Adult (YA) romance is light! 
    • In contrast to pandemic living, YA romance novels can provide a really happy and simple way to  put yourself in a good mood. It’s fun to read about different high schools and fictional universes in YA romances.


Happy romance reading!