Q&A: Art students adapt to creating art at home

Annika Wang

Despite the challenges that come with online learning, students are finding enjoyment through their art classes. Seniors Naomi Vincze and Maho Kawai give us a glimpse of what it is like to take an art course during online learning. Vincze is taking 2D Design 3-4. Kawai is taking 2D Design 7-8 and IB Art HL.




What are you taking your current art classes?

Vincze: I want to delve deeper within the realm of different art mediums. And what better way to end senior year than by taking a course I find relaxing and enjoyable:) I’m very independent, both as a student and art creator, so I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’ve been affected by the switch to online school. However, it is difficult to replicate peer connections in a classroom on the premise of art making.


Kawai: The reasons why I chose these classes for my senior year is because 1), I simply love 2D Design. I enjoy painting, drawing (digitally and traditional), and printmaking. 2), I have had Ms. Lilly for the past 3 years and wanted Ms. Lilly to teach me for my senior year as well. 3), My friends who also love art decided to take 2D Design. 4), IB Art allows us to explore freely, and I enjoy exploring deep into my works and studying Japanese architecture.


 What’s a piece you’ve made for class and are proud of? 

Kawai: This is a very difficult question for me because I have taken multiple art classes (Design, Graphic Design, and IB Art) in the past 4 years and have too many pieces to choose from. One piece that is one of the most meaningful pieces I’ve made is the sacred space painting. I created a sacred box for my sister with her portrait and painted ocean and trees on the box. She went to college that year, and I gave her the sacred box as her birthday gift and for her to look at it if she ever struggles to adjust to life in college.


Vincze: I wouldn’t call them pieces—more like mini projects. It’s too early to say what my favorite project is from this art class specifically, however I do produce many pieces outside of class, such as the New York inspired holiday one I recently made is something I am proud of.


What do you love about art classes?

Vincze: Everything. It’s funny that you mention that because this is my first time taking an art class in high school. To me, art is very relaxing and allows me to connect to my inner self.


Kawai: I think art classes are truly beneficial for you because it allows you to encounter new types of mediums, art styles, and techniques. Through art classes, I have had access to not only basic paints such as acrylics and watercolor, but also spray paints and even printmaking media. The vast mediums and learning about other artists in class expanded my horizon and allowed me to explore and experiment. I also love the feedback I received from my art teachers and classmates. It definitely made me think deeper about my works and also gave me opportunities to improve as an artist.


Do you have any favorite quotes by an artist or someone you know? 

Vincze: “Imagination leads to creativity, and creativity has the power to solve the world’s problems” (-A quote that Naomi wrote herself).


Kawai: “Art is something which lies in the slender margin between the real and the unreal” -Chikamatsu Monzaemon.

This is one of my favorite quotes because I think it portrays the immense power that art has. Art is universal and has the power to influence people all over the world. It even has the power to go beyond the real world. While my works are generally realistic, I aim to create something that portrays the beauty of nature through my ethereal and loose works– something that is real, yet unreal.


How has online learning affected your learning as an artist? 

Vincze: “ I’m very independent-both as a student and art creator so I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’ve been affected by the switch to online school. However, it is difficult to replicate peer connections in a classroom on the premise of art making.”


Kawai: The class itself changed drastically. Because not all of us have the same art materials, it changed to more of a lecture and discussion based class. We watch videos and analyze art during synchronous classes and work on our own for asynchronous classes. We then document our art works on Google presentations and share with teachers and classmates to receive feedback. The projects (assignments) themselves also changed. We now can use any mediums we want. Fortunately, we were able to pick up some materials from Ms. Lilly recently, so we hope to practice and improve our artworks even more with the new materials.


Any takeaways or other thoughts?

Vincze: I want to stress the importance of creating art even if you are not naturally gifted in this general area, I encourage everyone to give it a try. You might be surprised!